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Hamba Kakuhle - Goodbye

Teacher Aggie Sad

Molo my dear friends-
Today was a very hard day. I left the township behind and have begun my journey back home.
I will stay in Cape Town for the night, and leave early Sunday morning...arriving back in the US of A on Monday!
I am very excited to see you all and to share all my photos and stories.

This last week was "field trip" week at the orphanage. We took the kids to Monkey Town (a place I hope to never see again), although the kids loved it...actually they loved the bus ride and playground at monkey town more than they liked the monkeys.

There was one particular monkey that was a "recovering alcoholic"...i am NOT kidding folks.
The guide kept going on and on and on and on about this monkey whose previous owner used to get drunk with it every day (please see photo for full details). Meanwhile the kids are so young they have no idea what he is talking about. I pretty much wanted to tell him to shut up about the damn alchoholic monkey. Side note: the monkey nows lives caged up with kids poking at it all day...hmmm. Perhaps he was happier before? To each their own.

There were also two monkeys named Chanel and Gucci - we werent exactly in the most "urban" area so I am not sure how they came up with those designer names??

We also had a nice day at the Nature Reserve. Playground, picnic, tours of the pond, ducks, etc.

The big adventure was to Cape Town to see a magic show.

All of these places of course have adorable gift shops. Our kids eyes just LIGHT up...they have no idea what a gift shop is. We try to just walk them by quickly, and we are not allowed to buy them anything even with our own money (i of course am always wanting to bend the rules, but cant).

One of the older girls at the orphanage, Sharmane, is 12 and attends a primary school because she met the english requirements (thats the official goal at the orphanage...to get all these kids to meet english requirements and get them into schools). Anyways, Shar has be going through puberty faster than the other girls in the orphanage. Everyday has been a HUGE struggle to get her dressed because everything is just too tight.
When they go out on "trips" they get to waer "fancy clothes" which usually just means a clean pair of clothes that match.
I was finally so frustrated I went home, went through my closet, and I have now outfited Shar in a very fsahionable wardrobe from Old Navy, and even two items from Calypso...if only Shar knew.
The worst part is, they told me the reason she doesnt have a lot of clothes left that fit her is because she gets bullied at school (along with her twin brother Erand). So to keep them from bullying her and her brother she gives away her clothes. Yes, I started hysterically crying when i heard this, which prompted the immediate fashion makeover for Shar. (Mom and KT- everyday its like i am a little girl watching Sally Struthers :))

We also had a movie day where we brought in a DVD player and hooked it up to the TV in the private house. We watched Happy Feet, which I dont think many of the children understood...but the look on their faces to even be watching something was probably equivilent to the look on your childs face when they get to disney world for the first time. We also watched Shrek which i think they really enjoyed.

Friday night was "Brii" night (BBQ) where we say goodbye and watch a video of the past two weeks, etc. Then we all go out together and lets just say we had a VERY good time.

This morning I headed to cape town with two gilrs (Rita and Tara from San Fran) - they are continuing on to Botswana and a few other places. I just met them at their hostel and we went to dinner...i am exhausted and cant wait to hit the sack.

A few pictures for you to enjoy. So much to share but very little internet time.
So much more to tell.
Love you all.
"Teach-ah Aggie"


ps. sorry about the spelling...:)

Alch Monkey

Nugget in my Glasses :)


Classroom photos


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