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Malo my Dear Friends!!!

Malo Malo (turns out Halo is Afrikaans and the township I am in now speaks Xhosa...lots to learn people.

So, my final day in CapeTown (Saturday) I took a private tour which was amazing. My tour guide (john) was a pocch and a half...so cute...but found out quickly he was married with kids. Regardless, he was very well traveled and knew a lot about the country. I also didnt have to take pictures of myself, so that helped :)

We went to:
Sea island
The Cheetahs
Owls- for Peter!!
The Jackass Penguins (thats really the name)
Cape of Good Hope/Cape Point.

On Sunday I headed to the Townships of Nomzamo and Lwandle - where the orphanage is located. Very sad to see how the people in the township live. The orphanage is the nicest place there and that isnt saying much.

I was assigned class A which is 2-4 year olds. I have three children whom I teach everyday.
Their names are
Athule (at-too-lay) - she is 2 and precious. Really has no idea what uis going on but loves to laugh at me.

Nisipi (ni-sip-e) AKA Nugget - she got the nickname nuggest becasue when she arrived there were no detials of her birth etc. Just recently they found documents indicating that her birth name is Nisipi.
Nugget is my FAVORITE (although i am not allowed to have favorites). She is 3 years old and has a smile to DIE for. She is the leader of the pak. Everyone follows her...so as long as I have her in check, then class os pretty easy.

Amvuyele (om - vous- el-a)- The most precious of all the boys in the orphanage. He is beautiful and is my "big helper". He loves to help me carry the chairs. He ios a tota; teachers pet. A bit shy in the beginning, but now i can barely keep him off me.

All the kids are so special.
Some are indeed are infected with HIV/AIDS. We are to treat all children the same, but it can be pretty obvious who some of the children are...noticable lesions etc. We always where gloves when handling the children if they are injured or using bathroom facilities.

Overall absolutely heartbreaking...but i have never met happier children in my life. Always laughing and running around. The littlest things mean SOO much to them.

John- your sponge bob puzzle is a HUGE hit because it is teh first 100 piece puzzle they have ever had :)

Katie- your foam stickers are amazing and the kids get so excited when they are allowed to use them.

They call me "Techer Maggie, or Teacher Aggie". My heart melts when i walk in each morning. Teacher, teacher, teacher...all the kids wait by the gate for us to arrive.

So, "Teacher Maggie" has been very busy.
I have little to no access to internet.
Internet closes at 5:30.
We work from 8:30 - 4:20 and then have mandatory meeting right after...so I am lucky if I ever get time.

Out of respect to the children, we DO NOT photograph them. However, on our final friday we are allllowed to take photos.

Im running out of time. SOOO much more to share. Hopefully I can use internet this weekend.
Happy Easter to all!

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.










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