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So my first week at the orphanage has come to an end. I cant believe i ONLY have one more week here. I do not want to leave!!!

The name of the orphanage is Ikhayaletemba (eek- hal-eh-tem-ba) and means Home of Hope :)
For more info on the history behind the orphanage visit:

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am teaching 3 students, aged 2-4.
My "classroom" is in one of the bedrooms. Very small space, but I do the best to make it fun.
Each month there is a different theme that we are to teach the children. This month is Community Jobs and Trades.
These arent things my kids can really grasp hold of, so I tried really hard to make my lesson plans interactive and fun.

These are the topics i have been working on them with.

For fisherman, I made each the children colorful fish with there names on it - each child had a different colored fish.
Then we "row row rowed the boat" and we went fishing. I made them "fishing poles" out of pipe cleaners and decorated a box that looked like the ocean. Then each child had to "go fish" and catch their color fish. Then they each decorated their fish, and we made an ocean on the wall and put all the fish in it. I dont have a picture of the wall to show you yet, because as I mentioned we do not photograph the orphanage until our last friday on the project. Everday they go "teach-ah. teach-ah, fish fish fish.

For the Fireman activity, I read them a book about fireman. I also made a firetruck out of legos (actually they are called COGO"s here and they are horrible...i had about 25 pieces left over...), anywways, we talked about what firemen/firewomen do.
Teacher Maggie:
"The phone rings and someone says "
Students: "fire fire fire"
Teacher Maggie: So the fireman..."
Students: "hurry hurry hurry"
Teacher Maggie: "and they put the fire out with..."
Students: "water, water, water"

I made them special firemen/women outfits which were SOOOO CUTE - cant wait to show you the pictures.
Their helmets were so cute and they each had a badge on their outfits.
Then we colored in firetrucks.
Then we had a "fire"
Teacher Maggie set off the alarm and we "hurried hurried hurried outside".
I gave them water balloons and they would throw them and put out the "fire". It was absoultely adorable. Everyone was laughing/crying because it was just to cute for words.

For the Farmer, we sang alot of "old mcdonald" - whihc they really didnt know, but eventually caught on. Their favorite animal on the fram were the ducks. They would flap their arms and run around and say "teach-ah Aggie., Teach-ah Aggie, quack quack qauck. We read a book about animals on the farm.
I built a farm house out of a box and we visisted the "farm", and the kids wore pig noses i had made- so they "oink, oink, oinked" there way to the farms. Inside were pictures of different animals, and we talked about the sounds they make. After duck, horse is there favorite - neyyyy, neyyyy, neyyy.
Then we decorated the animals (katie- your framhouse stickers were a HUGE hit this day-thank you!!)

Finally, when we were gardeners, we read a pop-up-book about a family that lives inside a flower...it was cute.
Then they decorated flowers with tissue paper, and we hung them up in the "garden" - which was green colored construction paper, cut at the top to look like grass. I also made them special aprons, that said there names in a shape of a flower, - they LOVED THIS.
Then I went a little off subject and we colored eggs for easter (which bye the way is NOT something they do in south africa...i had to scramble to fins some food coloring and make my own dying kit.
Then I gave them each baskets and we had an easter egg hunt outside...again, SOOO cute

Anyways, I am headed into Cape Town tonight for my first official "hen party"- its a surprise for our coordinjator who is getting married in two weeks to our program manager. Should be tons of fun!!!

Miss you all.
Happy Easter (by the way, mass in the township is 4 hours long...soooo, thats probs not happening :)

Here are a few pictures of my lessons, and a couple shots of the kids that i teach (Nugget and Athule)- still trying to track down a picture of Amvuyele






Nugget - the one smiling- would die to bring her home

Athule- in the pink oveeralls.

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